The W(a)N and Only

Cooking as a Primer to Self-Awareness

I am writing this as I settle down into my dorm room in Malaysia; after a year of foundation and one entire year of my undergraduate endeavour done completely online, I’m finally able to be the fully traditional, on-campus student at the university. Leaving home and adapting to changes in your environment is very stressful. But like Headspace tells me, it’s all part of the process. During stressful times like these, it’s essential to have an activity to alleviate that heavy and annoying burden off; For me, that would actually be cooking.

A Proper Comprehension of Neural Networks

Today, neural networks are incredibly accessible as a method of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to an abundance of available toolsets that facilitate virtually every phase of building and training. There are even tools that literally require no programming such as Liner or Teachable Machines. But using these tools, even popular frameworks such as PyTorch and Tensorflow, hinders users from tackling unsolved problems or even really properly understanding what is going on under the hood.

Wataru Nakagawa

About Myself 🔗I am Japanese; I am currently studying Computer Science in the United Kingdom. I spent part of my childhood living overseas and nurtured the ability to speak in English and Spanish, alongside the tolerance for cultural diversity. I am passionate about technology, life-long learning, and communicating with people from around the world. Profiles 🔗While I strive to keep myself open to anyone, I strongly believe that a sense of privacy and an independent mindset are essential to maintain a personally fulfilling life; Therefore you will not find me often on the internet.

Thought Experiments

Question yourself from another perspective; Your reasoning likely is formed by your emotions or motivations. A gentle self-reminder while reading The Scout Mindset.